We have been servicing electric hand tools for over twenty years. Thanks to years of experience and stockpiles of the most common spare parts, we can offer all customers exceptional quality and speedy repairs. Our trained technicians approach all repair work professionally with high expertise.  We use regularly calibrated measuring instruments and  always current service documentation of the manufacturer always.  The entire system is safeguarded by inspections with ISO 9001 quality certification.
We only install original, manufacturer-certified spare parts into all servicing machines. For each repaired machine, we attach an inspection report report according to ČSN 331600. In the case of a cordless machine including a batteries and charger, we automatically diagnose the batteries. We provide a 6-month warranty on all repairs made by our service department.

We provide servicing for several brands of professional tools, for example:

BOSCH - profesionální nářadí, BOSCH - zahradní a hobby nářadí, DEWALT - profesionální nářadí, DREMEL - mikronářadí, ELKO - stolní brusky, FESTOOL - profesionální nářadí, FLEX - profesionální nářadí, GESIPA - nýtovací nářadí, MAKITA - profesionální nářadí, NAREX - profesionální nářadí, STEINEL - horkovzdušné pistole